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South Fourth! Concert


July 4th, Thursday, 3 PM


Caldera High School Auditorium




There is “music in the mountains” when the Cascade Horizon Band gathers to play and bring the joy of music to the community in this active Central Oregon area.

Welcome to our website where you can learn about our concert band, hear some of our music and see concert videos.

We are one of over 200 New Horizon Bands internationally whose goal is to provide an opportunity for those over 50 and at all levels of experience to be involved in a music program. The New Horizons concept is to provide an entry point into such a program for individuals even though they may not have played since their school years.

As our director Sue Steiger explains, our Cascade Horizon Band allows musicians “to play music as a group and have fun individually and within the band family”. That recognizes the social element as an important part of the overall experience of being in our band.

We invite you to read about the dedication we share to put together our concerts. Please enjoy some of our videos and music
tracks with selections from recent concerts. In these performances we play a broad repertoire of songs we've selected to delight our audiences. If your visit here is because you've always wanted to play an instrument in a fun music and social environment our website is a good place to check us out. We follow the philosophy of Dr. Roy Ernst, founder of the New Horizons International Music Association with which we are affiliated. For that reason, it is recommended to also visit the NHIMA website which thoroughly covers the New Horizon program and contains information that supplements our site.


The New Horizons Bands program was created to bring seniors into or back to music after long lay-offs … and there are now over 200 senior bands internationally. That was the vision of Dr. Roy Ernst, the founder of the New Horizons International Music Association. He started the first New Horizons band in 1991 based on his philosophy that “anyone can learn to play music at a level that will bring a sense of accomplishment and the ability to perform in a group”. As our band is affiliated with the NHIMA their website understandably becomes a rich source of information that relates to us. Visit New Horizons Music

The New Horizons concept of making music provides a non-intimidating environment to
grow musically and to enjoy rehearsing, playing and performing with others. People who join New Horizons groups are from varied backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common - their love of music. And being active in music has been shown to have very positive effects on people’s emotional and physical well-being. The growth of that New Horizon bands program is a success story of seniors joining in a shared pastime and for social reasons as well.

Recently our CHB hosted its second band camp that drew over 100 musicians from a wide area nationally for a chance to share music making and new friendships. Roy attended this camp and has visited us in the past, keeping the NHIMA philosophy alive by putting a face on it and reminding us and his bands what they can do while having fun.