Don't hesitate to contact the Cascade Horizon Band if you have a question or interest in joining our seniors band. We will be happy to tell you about the music program, how the band operates and what you might expect. Of course you are welcomed to visit as well and meet our Director and band members.

If you’d like more information about the band, click here.


  • Sisters High School
  • Bend High School
  • Mountain View High School
  • Summit High School
  • Tower Theatre
  • Sunriver
  • Sisters Rodeo Parade
  • High Desert Middle School
  • Veteran’s Day Parade – Bend
  • Senior Center Christmas Concert – Bend
  • Oregon Music Educators Conference -
    Eugene, Oregon
  • Aspen Lakes
  • McMinnville
  • Adult Band Festival - Canby, Oregon


Some of our musicians also participate in these groups:


The Cascade Horizon Band is a 60-member concert band that plays all types of musical selections from Bach to blues, jazz, marches, pop songs, Broadway tunes and movie themes. In the short ten years since our formation we have passed the 100-performance milestone and are moving forward with an expanded program and additional concerts.

Click here to listen to the KPOV "The Point" podcast on April 19, 2019, about our band in an interview with our director, Sue Steiger.

Central Oregon is an active area that finds many of its residents involved in all manner of pastimes. For most of us, 50 to over 80 years old, this means making music in a group experience for perhaps the first time since school years. Regardless of previous musical background and levels of ability, all are welcome. Now, with the new band, we offer an even greater opportunity for members, incoming or existing, to study and grow musically while enjoying rehearsing and performing with others.

Some of our members have decided that one band is not enough for them and formed dance and swing bands and play for different audiences. This spirit is reflected by the Alleycats, The Back Row, Mem’ry Makers and The Notables Swing Band.

Also, the CHB has some musicians who perform with other music organizations not related to the New Horizon Bands program. Links to their websites are located in the column on the left.

The media in this area has found our band story interesting and inspirational. Over time articles have appeared in the local newspaper and two in particular add a large amount of information about our band including some members’ personal stories. See Bend Bulletin June 5, 2012 and Bend Bulletin January 12, 2010.

The CHB offers approximately 7 performances a year throughout the Central Oregon area, all free. Donations are gladly accepted to cover our expenses and they allow us to donate to local school music needs. We appreciate the support of our sponsors who generously contribute to offset our needs. In addition, we musicians pay dues to be a band member.

CHB rehearsals are held every Tuesday at the Mountain View High School in Bend and occasionally on Thursdays as needed.

If you are interested in joining our music program and do not have your own instrument, one can be rented at any of the local music stores, and usually discounts and attractive rental plans with options to purchase are offered.

You should not expect a highly competitive environment. You will be welcomed by a group of adults who are sharing their love of music and getting the chance to play in a band setting. You are invited to check us out during any of our rehearsals.